Offer Terms and Conditions
1. General Terms
1.1. “Offer”: ePayLater Offer on IRCTC
1.2. “Merchant Partner”: IRCTC
1.3. “Offer Period”: 17
th August 2018 till 31st August 2018 (both days inclusive)
1.4. Please note, that all benefits and discounts under this Offer are sponsored and 
distributed by Arthashastra Fintech Private Limited, operating under the brand name of 
ePayLater (hereinafter referred to as “AFPL”).
1.5. Any user (utilizing this Offer, hereinafter referred to as “User”) by using this Offer, 
hereby agrees to the terms and conditions mentioned herein and any appropriate 
changes that may be made to this Offer by AFPL, including due to any legal or 
regulatory requirement, instructions from any judicial or a quasi-judicial body or due to 
any natural calamity beyond the reasonable control of ePayLater, its affiliates and 
associates or for any other reason whatsoever (hereinafter “Terms and Conditions”).
1.6. Each User needs to be a registered user with AFPL with a valid and subsisting 
transaction limit for the use of ePayLater as a check-out option (“ePayLater”).
1.7. For the purposes of these Terms and Conditions, wherever the context so requires 
“You” or “Your” shall mean any natural person who is a User.
1.8. These Terms and Conditions are available on the website (“Website”) and by using this Offer you accept the 
Terms and Conditions.
1.9. The Terms and Conditions can be amended or varied from time to time or withdrawn 
and therefore, please visit the Website periodically to keep yourself updated and 
1.10. Logos and representation of third party trademarks belong to their respective owners. 
ePayLater makes no claims with respect to ownership in any such third party 
trademarks whatsoever.
2. Offer Details:
2.1. All offers provided herein are only available for transactions completed on (“Merchant Site”) using ePayLater during check-out

2.2. Each User is entitled to Rs 100 (Hundred Rupees) to be discounted from the repayment
amount of the first transaction on the Merchant Site while using ePayLater if the 
transaction value is of a minimum value of Rs.200 (One Hundred Rupees) (“Eligible 
3. Procedure and Conditions:
3.1. Each User needs to register with ePayLater.
3.2. The User needs to make a transaction on the Merchant Portal and choose ePayLater as 
the check-out option

3.3. If it is the User’s first on the Merchant Portal where the User has opted for ePayLater as 
the check-out option, and the transaction value is of a minimum value of Rs.200 (One 
Hundred Rupees) (“Eligible Transactions”), then the User will be provided with a 
discount to the repayment amount payable for such Eligible Transactions
3.4. In the event the User’s first transaction on the Merchant Portal while using ePayLater 
has been cancelled, reversed or declined by either the User, Merchant Partner or AFPL 
then it will not be construed to be an Eligible Transaction

3.5. The discount on the Eligible Transaction shall be provided for transactions conducted 
on or before 31st August 2018
3.6. The standard terms of usage of ePayLater as available on the website
shall also be applicable to all transactions conducted by the Users